Sunday, June 2, 2013

Does Using Witch Hazel For Acne Really Work?

The fight against acne breakouts takes many variations. There are some individuals that go the path of medications, while some end up using laser therapy and some folks like me like the natural remedy path. If you belong to the natural remedy group, the one of the most effective treatments that you should try using is witch hazel.

A Mild Acne Treatment

One of the disadvantages with using medication for dealing with acne is that so many of the treatment are harsh on your skin. Whatever victories that you achieve when using medications would be short lived due to the fact that in most situations, your skin ends up becoming worse and irritated.

With hazel is completely difference. When used for treatment for skin problems, witch hazel hardly results in skin irritation – even if you have sensitive skin.

The 3 Abilities of Witch Hazel That Make It Extremely Effective


In so many situations, acne breakouts are as a result of increased presence of bacteria in the skin pores, and in so many cases, where the acne has become a pus filled bumps. When you remove the bacteria on the skin using witch hazel, you would be preventing any acne from developing because the bacteria would NOT build up.


I am sure you must that at one time or at another, you must have used an alcohol based astringent in your fight against acne. You would have surely realized that these types of astringents can dry out and hurt your skin even though they really cleanse your skin pores as well. The amazing thing about witch hazel is that it doesn’t dry out your skin at all and still it cleanses your skin.

The way astringents works is that they reduce the size of your pores. This actually assists in prevent pimples breakouts from becoming worse because the oils would NOT be able to enter into the pores easily anymore.

Stops Irritation

Witch hazel is a very effective skin treatment that can combat any irritants on your skin that can actually worsen the condition of your acne and it also very effective in dealing with infection – which is something that can really increase your acne breakouts.

Amazing Facts About Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is high in tannins. In case you do NOT know what tannins are – they are the chemicals in wine that makes your mouth to pucker. These tannins can do wonders for your skin.

Now The Best Way To Use Witch Hazel…

Actually you have two ways to use it. The simplest method is to begin using a natural witch hazel solution and applying it straight on your skin. If you have a lot of acne breakouts currently, then you need to uses it twice a day in order to see noticeable results. Do NOT use it this way more than 3 times a day. To make the solution more effective you can combine dried lavender (or lavender essential oil) with it.

A second and also effective way is to use it to make a facial mask – you are going to mix it with egg whites, oatmeal, raw honey and more. When you use the right combination of ingredients in the appropriate manner, it would help in fighting off bacteria, soothing your skin and preventing your breakouts from becoming worse. (I would write another article on how to mix witch hazel in the right proportion in an upcoming article!)

One of the reasons why you should think about using witch hazel for acne treatment is because it is purely natural. I am sure you are aware that the largest organ in your body is your skin and it has complex requirements. When you use this natural treatment to shrink clogged oil pores, prevent inflammation and fight bacteria, you are simply assist your skin to heal itself naturally without having to cause damage to your skin.

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