Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Edge That A Big Penis Gives You!

Since you are reading this article so I am assuming that you are like most men that want a bigger penis. Guys place a lot of importance on their male organ because it means a lot to them. That is the organ that makes them males. Owning a big penis is not only about the actual size, there also a lot of other advantages that come with a big package downstairs. I am sure that you have you own reason why you desire a bigger manhood, however here are more reasons that I know would spur you to make it larger. Okay let us examine just 6 benefits of you being the owner of a big male organ:

1.) Your Partner’s Ex-lovers become Complete Past Tense!

Guys that have a large penis don’t need to fret about their women’s past lovers (if you are above the age of 23, then chances are that any woman you meet would have had sex with at least one guy before you). You would not be bothering yourself whether you are big enough or whether your woman is comparing your size with her previous lover and could be disappointed. All those kinds of insecurities would not even be there in the first place because you know that your manhood is big enough for all women.

2.) You would be Attractive to Women at Beaches and Swimming Pools

Simply because your manhood is bigger than the average size increases your attraction toward women. The truth is that every woman sees a big penis as being more sexy and potent. This has been shown several times in scientific studies and on the street experiments like this one below.

Penile size is a major element of a man’s sex appeal. It is one of the three major things that excite a woman sexually; the other ones are his body shape and his height. This is one of the reasons why evolutionary scientists say that women have been the ones that ensured that men’s penises have been increasing over the span of our evolution simply because women always prefer a larger manhood to a small one and it has more chances of giving her orgasms and making her pregnant because it can deposit semen farther into the vagina than the other small ones that might have entered in. This is why humans have the biggest penis among all the primates.

3.) You would have High Levels of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence!

Now build on the last benefit, when you are getting more attention from women as a result of your manhood size, you would be a lot more self-confident. And you would see how high your self-esteem would become, all these are because of the fact that you would be confident around women and this makes you feel great. Yes having a large member is just one element of your self-esteem and confidence and it really does make you feel special even if it is just one body part.

4.) You Would Be Able To Satisfy More Women In Your Bed!

I am sure you must have heard it several times from women when it comes to small manhood - “size does not matter, it is what you do with it!” That is NOT true at all! Every woman loves a big dick - don’t kid yourself! Women always have more pleasure with a well endowed penis and they are more willing to do things with their big sized lovers! And she gets more pleasure because big members fill her vagina up and this gives her the kind of satisfaction that she craves.

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