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Is Basil Really Effective In Dealing With Acne?

If you are interested in natural remedies for skincare, then I am sure you must have heard of the health benefits of using the herb called basil. This herb has been used for some centuries now and in a country like India, it is actually considered as a holy item! Although for a while basil has been a popular herb used in natural remedies, however science has found out that there are some ingredients in it that has amazing medicinal properties in it. So there is no need wasting too much time, let me tell you more about basil as an acne treatment.

So What Exactly Makes Basil Good To Use On Your Skin?

Basil has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and this means it is very effective in dealing with acne. And it has so many positive benefits on your health when used properly. Take for example eating fresh leaves of basil can boost your immune system. And you need to know that acne is as a result of what happens inside your body as well as what happens on your skin. This is why products like ClearPores system includes supplements that give you the appropriate doses of vitamins that help in improving your skin and prevent it from producing excessive oil.

The best way to deal with acne is to aim for the main cause of the acne breakouts itself i.e. too much production of oil by the sebaceous glands - this way the acne does not even appear. Now back the issue of basil, it would amaze you to find out that it has been used to help people with depression, arthritis, eczema, high blood pressure and other illness.

Basil leaves and oil that are derived from basil seeds have been used as an anti-inflammatory. This is because the seed oil has linoleic acid and this really helps in obstructing pro-inflammatory processes. Tests have reveal that sebum (skin oil) has very low amounts of linoleic acid, what this indirectly means is that sebum creates a right environment for bacteria to grow and cause acne. This is why basil is used to tackle acne causing bacteria because it contains a powerful antimicrobial property and this helps in healing your acne lesions

So Are There Any Recipes Or Formulation That You Can Use To Make Basil?

Like I said previously, eating fresh basil leaves is very effective in strengthening your immune system. However basil is much better when used as a topical remedy for treating acne. Using basil is easy; all you have got to do is to apply basil tea on your skin. To do this, just mix 2 – 3 teaspoons of dried basil leaves with a cup of water and mix with boiling water for 15minutes, sieve it and let it cool (If you are using fresh basil, then make sure that you squeeze the leaves to extract all its natural oils). Soak a cotton ball into the boiled tea leaves and rub on your face. Do this routine twice in a day and you would find out that your complexion would improve and become smoother and brighter considerably. You preserve the unused basil tea by refrigerating and it can last for about a week.

A very effective way to use the basil tea is to steam it over your face. Pour some basil leaves in a bucket filled with hot water and place your face facing the steam and cover with a towel to prevent the steam from coming out. All you need to do is 10 minutes of facial steaming. Doing this would open the skin pores and remove bacteria that causes breakouts - this gives a very good deep cleansing effect. Once you are done steaming your face, then pour cold water to cool down your skin.

You could also do a face mask by blending neem leaves and basil in 1:1 ratio and mixing them properly to get a clear paste. Use the paste to form a mask on your face, just make sure that you avoid the eye region and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. After, the set time wash off your face with lukewarm water. There are so many individuals that also that rub fine basil powder on their face to deal with oil on their skin most especially during the summer time.

Before you begin using basil as a natural acne remedy just make sure that you are not allergic to this herb. As I have shown in this article basil gives you different ways of treating your acne breakouts right in the comfort of your house. So what’s the point in delaying? Go now right away and use this natural remedy to deal with your acne problem.

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