Friday, July 26, 2013

Natural Remedies For Hair Re-Growth In Men

In most cases men usually experience hair loss more than women. This is because one of the symptoms of aging in men is called male pattern baldness, which is medically called androgen alopecia. This condition is usually as a result of diverse factors but in most cases it is caused by genetic factors that span generations. Some other slight cause could be vitamins and folic acid deficiencies, stress, anxiety, bad diet and sudden shock. Some diseases can also cause some men to begin experiencing hair loss and they include: syphliss, anaemia and typhoid fever.

In most cases baldness usually begins when a man is in his forties but in some cases it can begin as early as the age of 21 years. Medically speaking hair loss in men is grouped as being a metabolic disorder. At the end of its cycle you would begin to see hair thinning, failing and it begins to disappear all this occurring gradually.

Hair loss is a problem that can really worry so many men. So many men have the luxury of improving their appearance by trying different hairstyles, but men that are going bald have to come to terms with the truth as time passes, their hair keeps falling off. Before eventually they become visibly bald because too much hair has fallen off and has not re-grown.

This situation usually affects the self-confidence and appearance of these men. This is why so many guys are actively in search of a solutions or remedies that they can make use of to restore their hair back to the way it was. Some guys like Wayne Rooney (striker @ Manchester United) turn to expensive treatments like hair transplants that give fast and amazing results but later wear off, while some treatments are just scams that are designed to rip unsuspecting men of their hard earned money.

It is easy and even affordable for your to treat and even prevent hair loss from becoming a serious problem. Just bear it in mind that there are various remedies that you can actually make use of if you are serious in re-growing your hair back. Some of these remedies are even natural and home based which means that you can find them in your kitchen or at your local market. Now let’s see how we can prepare this natural remedies to help in deal with your hair loss problem:

  1. Get a cup of mustard and just four tablespoons of henna/mehendi leaves. Blend the two items together and boil them. The moment you have boiled it, just filter and pour into a tight cover bottle. Every day, massage this mixture on the bald areas of your head.
  2. Grind fenugreek seeds properly to a paste and add water to smoothen it out. Massage this mixture on your scalp properly for about 40 minutes. Do this every day (for more than a month) before you take your bath in the morning if your want to see impressive re-growth on those bald patches.
  3. Grind sliced onions till it forms a paste and massage it on the bald areas. The instant these places turn reddish apply a little honey to rejuvenate and heal the skin.
  4. Mix honey and egg yolk thoroughly. Use the mixture to massage your scalp and hair firmly. Keep the mixture on for at least 1 hour and then wash with warm water properly.
  5. Have you tried using homemade shampoo to improve your hair condition? All you got to do is blend 2 tablespoons of raw gram powder (this is basically garbanzo bean flour or chickpea), 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 5 tablespoons of milk curd. Pour the mix evenly on your hair and let it sink in properly for at least 1 hour after which you can wash your hair with lukewarm water.
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